DPAC Norfolk Minutes 7th December 2015

DPAC Norfolk Minutes 7th December 2015


DPAC Norfolk Minutes 7th December 2015

Attendees : Marion, Mark, Mick, David

Apologies from Andrew Day, who isn’t well at present

  1. We have applied for a grant  from The Edge Fund. They have replied to our request, we are hopeful that will give us some money, as they have previously given a grant to National DPAC.
  1. Mick has been asked to contact Vince Laws, to transfer any accounts from the “Dandy Party” into the Norfolk DPAC account held at Equal Lives. He hasn’t got round to it yet as he’s been involved in a bit of involuntary research into the DWP’s attitude to people with invisible disabilities, which he hasn’t quite recovered from yet.
  1. On the 16th January 2016 there is a demo in Norwich about Mental Health cuts and related issues, plus invited speakers. This will start at 11am from Norwich City Hall, and go on until around 2pm
  2. We hope to arrange a demo outside “Tory Girl”, Chloe Smith, MP’s surgery  in Norwich around the end of January-early February 2016. As we suspect  she may move the surgery around, to escape her adoring fans, we may need  one of her constituents to make an appointment  so we can pin her down.
  1. We are planning a demo outside  Norfolk County Council  on Monday, 22nd February, 2016, in relation to  cuts in Social Care and more. This will be at around 8.30am onwards.
  1. The DWP is moving from Kiln House, Norwich soon and we would like to find out where they may be going. If anyone has any tracker dogs, which are trained to follow the stench of evil, this could help!

7. The next DPAC Norfolk meeting will be on Monday, 4th January, 2016  at 2pm at the Playhouse cafe/bar on St. George’s Street, Norwich.

Signed by Mick Hardy, Secretary Norfolk DPAC


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